Flu Vaccine and Resources for Medical Providers

Get your flu vaccines and medical-surgical supplies to help prevent, diagnose and treat influenza and influenza-related illnesses, all on one order from 沙巴中国体育安卓版下载排名-sbapp下载排名-apple app store-沙巴中国体育有限公司 Medical-Surgical.


How are you preparing for flu each season?

沙巴中国体育安卓版下载排名-sbapp下载排名-apple app store-沙巴中国体育有限公司 FluWise® is our year-round flu program offering access to a variety of flu products, savings, stability and support every step of the way.

  • Fluwise logoIn-season flu purchasing & next-season pre-booking
  • Ancillary flu products
  • Flu education & resources
  • Patient engagement solutions

Benefits you can count on

  • Access to all approved influenza vaccines and manufacturers 
  • Flexible terms with a return policy and extended payment terms
  • Year-round promotional offers and access to our own 沙巴中国体育安卓版下载排名-sbapp下载排名-apple app store-沙巴中国体育有限公司 Brands and national brand products
  • Point-of-care molecular testing platforms for flu, strep and RSV with consultative services
  • Monthly FluWise newsletter with important seasonal updates and offers
  • A team of healthcare professionals, here for you!

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Get your in-season flu vaccine or pre-book for next season
  • UPrevent

    You have the power to prevent infections: UPreventTM can help. Created by our own clinical resource team, our UPrevent infection prevention and control program is a single source for building and enhancing an infection prevention program at your facility.

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    Respiratory care

    Respiratory illnesses are leading causes of death and disability around the world, second only to cardiovascular diseases. We understand the importance of providing quality respiratory care to your patients, and we have products and services to help get you what you need to care for patients.

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    In-office lab testing for respiratory illnesses

    Point-of-care (POC) lab testing provides the information you need for quick, accurate diagnosis. Find the right methods for your practice to diagnose flu, RSV, strep A and SARS-CoV-2.

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    Automate medical supply ordering and purchasing with 沙巴中国体育安卓版下载排名-sbapp下载排名-apple app store-沙巴中国体育有限公司's portable bar code scanner inventory tool.

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    Improve medical supply ordering and purchasing efficiency with 沙巴中国体育安卓版下载排名-sbapp下载排名-apple app store-沙巴中国体育有限公司's web-based ordering and inventory management system for your healthcare practice or facility.

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    Strategies for combating vaccine hesitancy

    How can you combat vaccine hesitancy among your patients now and into the future? Educating your patients, staff and yourself is key so you can be prepared to address hesitancy concerns.


    Educational Webinars

    Stay up to date on important healthcare topics with our monthly educational webinar series, presented by industry experts. View upcoming webinars, access our webinar video galleries and register to receive monthly webinar updates.