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If you're on the frontline of the emergency medical services, you can rely on jdb的电子官方app-jdb电子游戏官方app-apple app store-jdb官方电子排行榜's high-quality EMS supplies and first-rate delivery network for your first aid and trauma care products.

The right EMS supplies and solutions. Right when you need them most.


When you're on call, your first priority is your patients. And when it comes to emergency medical services, speed and reliability is the name of the game.

EMS crews and first responders can count on jdb的电子官方app-jdb电子游戏官方app-apple app store-jdb官方电子排行榜 Medical-Surgical's first aid and trauma care supplies. From basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support (ALS) to EMS training products, we have what you need--when you need it.

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When you choose to work with us, you'll see the benefits of our unparalleled medical distribution services. Here's what that means for you:

  • 99.8% order accuracy
  • Next-day delivery to 95% of our customers

Count on our high-quality trauma care, life support and first aid supplies

In our extensive product catalog, you'll find emergency medical supplies from brands including EpiPen and Adrenalin. We also offer generic equivalents and jdb的电子官方app-jdb电子游戏官方app-apple app store-jdb官方电子排行榜's own brand of quality products. Here's a sampling of our emergency medical supplies:

Reliable medical supplies for the emergency medical services

Professionals across the EMS sector know they can rely on our fast, accurate medical supply delivery. We work with:

  • Ambulance crews
  • Air ambulance crews
  • Rescue crews
  • Ski patrol
  • Community paramedicine (CP)
  • Mobile integrated healthcare (MIH)
  • Active shooter response

Bottom line? Whatever your field, you can trust the number one medical-surgical distributor to alternate care sites.

Stay up to speed with EMS training supplies

In a high-pressure field, keeping team members on the cutting edge of trauma care is crucial. Count on jdb的电子官方app-jdb电子游戏官方app-apple app store-jdb官方电子排行榜 Medical-Surgical's EMS training and education solutions from top brands such as Laerdal Medical, Ingenix and Fisher Scientific. You'll find:

Learn more about our emergency medical supplies and resources for EMS professionals.

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